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This was my first time purchasing a vehicle from Willie Burke, but my parents have used him to purchase 4 vehicles over the last 15 years. I contacted Willie via phone and discussed my vehicle needs. He listened to all my requests and that same evening he began emailing me vehicles that were in inventory. I was able to see multiple pictures and the specifications (mileage, car history report, etc.) of each vehicle. The next day we talked about what I liked and disliked about those options so he could continue to shop around for the right vehicle for me. By the end of the second day he emailed another set of vehicles for me to review. Within that set of vehicles I found a vehicle that met all of my needs. The next day Willie bid on the vehicle at auction and secured the vehicle for me.  Willie emailed and reviewed the purchase order contract and inspection results. I signed the paperwork emailed it back to him and the vehicle was delivered the very next week. When I picked up the vehicle it had been washed and detailed. I only needed to get an oil change and have the tires rotated. The vehicle is in excellent condition and drives perfectly. I absolutely love it and have been getting lots of positive comments from people who see it.  Purchasing my vehicle from Willie was easy and saved me a couple thousand dollars compared to comparable vehicles being sold at a dealership. I will always purchase my vehicles from Willie Burke moving forward and highly recommend him to anyone in need of a car.

E. C. Williams


I had been thinking about a BMW 650i for a while. When I visited the dealership, they always tried to convince me that the 640i was the best car to buy. Of course, it was because they didn’t have the car I wanted. My Friend, Cheryl, referred me to Mr. Burke. When I called him, the first thing I noticed was that he was a genuinely nice man. He helped me from beginning to end. I asked a lot of questions-“what if, why, how much, when, who, where,…" and a list of other questions. He had to be tired of me, but never once showed frustration. We looked for cars for about a year. I decided on a car and got cold feet. When I was ready again, he was still willing to work with me. A couple of weeks ago, he found the car and price I was comfortable with. I picked it up here in town, and I love it. I referred him to a lady in my office. I take my reputation very seriously, and I have no concerns whatsoever about referring him. Today, he e-mailed my title to the representative at the probate office. He saved me from having to take more time off work and sit for another hour. His service is 100% from beginning to end. The cherry on top was when I saw a 640 at the dealership that is one year older than mine,  selling it for $3500. more. I highly recommend Mr. Burke and D Auto Group.


C. Jones


Subject: My experience

 Good Morning Mr. Burke,

I'm writing this email to inform you that I have sent you the pictures  of me by my car. Also, I wanted to address a few minor constructive > criticisms I have. First of all I would like to say that I am very  pleased at the overall condition of the car. Everything was as advertised with no real surprises. The car is beautiful inside and out. It also drives excellently. Also, Mr B's detailing was a nice touch. However, the logistics involved in picking up the car were a little off.  Through no fault of anyone, the transport truck had a malfunction. This coupled with everyone I knew  (including my mother and brother) being out of town caused me getting  to my car to be a bit challenging. I had to take a cab. I think for an  extra fee, you should provide home delivery as an option after  detailing. This would definitely smooth the process for someone that was in my position or someone who just wanted that part of the experience at home. Secondly, while I appreciate you providing a free PDF link for the owners manual, for a car of this class, having a physical, leather encased owner’s manual is part of the experience. Not a big deal. Also, the license plate screws are missing. Again, no big deal. (a $10 fix) I've already ordered the screws. The overall buying experience has been great. I just wanted to run these things by  you and see what you thought. Thank you in advance.


We cannot thank you enough for finding our vehicle.  We were so please with the timely manner in which you provided your services.  We contacted you regarding the make, model year and all other specifications. You delivered our vehicle to us within a week.  Furthermore, our SUV is more than what we imagine.  I cannot tell you the countless number of people who have inquired about our SUV.  As a young couple we were looking for a vehicle large enough for a family of five, yet stylish for a couple’s night out. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future and will highly recommend your company to anyone in search of a vehicle. We purchase another vehicle. Great service.


The Shaw Family


From the moment I called Mr. Burke, I knew immediately I was in good hands and he would deliver to me what I wanted.  He helped me surprise my husband with his dream automobile including having the car delivered to me at my office so I could surprise him on Christmas morning.  He walked me through selecting an automobile, getting financed and even personally delivered our license plates too us.   You can't get this kind of service from a local car dealership.  
DAG is your one stop dealership for outstanding quality service, best prices on the car you want and personal service.  Thank you so much for all you've done.

Meredith Matthews


Once I received my beautiful shiny black corvette, I felt extremely happy.  It was all what I though it should be.  The one thing I liked about Mr. Burk’s D-Auto Group company, he is a man of his word.  If any discrepancies were found due to the delivery of my car, he offered to correct them at no charge to me.  I was truly sold by those actions.  It was certainly a pleasure doing business with D-Auto Group and I’m looking forward to referring D-Auto Group to all my family and friends in the near future. 

Three years later I purchase my second vet from DAG.

Thanks again Mr. Burke.


Ryan St. Martin


Anthony, Stacey, Kalian, and Jayden McDonald’s

When I found out I was pregnant with twins in June 2009, I knew my 2 door ford explorer sport that I had for 9 years was not going to be big enough.  My husband and I were very hesitant to purchase a used vehicle but knew we could not afford a new truck.  We were referred to Willie Burke with D Auto Group and what a blessing it was!  From day one Mr. Burke was going above and beyond to send us all the information we needed as well as answer the hundreds (yes I mean hundreds) of questions I had.  We didn’t start looking until February because I thought that would be plenty of time to find a car but was I wrong.  Thankfully, when we reached Mr. Burke he sent us available cars on a daily basis, always replied to my voicemails, text messages, and emails.  We purchased our truck the day before I delivered my baby boys, Mr. Burke had it delivered straight to our home and it was at the hospital ready for me to bring the boys home in!  He made the process so simple for us.  Not only was he very professional but he also was concerned with my well being and handled so much of the details for me so the process was stress free.  Mr. Burke did an excellent job with every detail and followed up after the sale of the vehicle.  Thank you so much for all your help and I look forward to referring you to anyone that might be looking for an off lease car!


The McDonald’s

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I was extremely pleased with the quick response and customer satisfaction provided by D Auto Group.  The car was everything I expected and more they promised a clean sleek look car, and that was exactly what was delivered.  The Mercury Marauder is an extremely rare car to find and D Auto Group found (4) in a matter of days to choose from.  The option of choosing what you prefer is the best way to go in my point of view, but overall I give D Auto Group two (2) thumbs up.


Yours Truly                                            

Terence A Spencer


D Auto Group

Hello, we are the Tate's. D Auto Group was referred to us by Mrs. Shaw.  Our buying experience with Willie Burke was quiet a pleasurable experience.  We have never bought a car before with such a wonderful sales person EVER!  We walked away with a beautiful well maintained vehicle.  The vehicle was everything he said it would be and more. (Lexus GS) We really enjoyed working with Mr. Burke and looked forward to working with him again.  I have recommended my family and friends to purchase their next vehicle from “D Auto Group.”  This company has integrity!



Thad & Benita Tate




Mr. Willie Burke was very helpful in getting my dream vehicle within a week of my request. He was informative and patient. He enjoys what he does and I guess that's why he puts his heart and soul into his work.

I will highly recommend him to my friends and family members for their next car purchases. I will continue to buy my vehicles from him in the future.


Yours truly,

Reginald Cook