DAG ABS are fast becoming a leader in the US with a singular focus the automotive consumer. DAG networking of staff, strategies, consultants, and negotiators. and experience advisor's, we have an undisputed reputation for resolving issues.

DAG ABS wouldn’t have been possible without an unprecedented degree of collaboration and cooperation between DAG team, Vendors and consumers.

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1. Recognized for the breadth and depth of its practice in the automobile industry.


2. Proactive, pragmatic, experienced, innovative and collaborative.


3. A team of experience professionals is driven by the specific needs of our clients.


4. Focus on position ourselves as one of the U.S. leading Auto Broker companies an exceeding the expectations of our clients, staff, vendors and networks.


5. Our research team go the extra mile to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. 


6. We invest in our long-term relationships with a focus on understanding our clients’ automotive concerns, including their financing, vehicle service and challenges.   


7. Inform our clients of legal and automobile issues. 


8. Doing the right things to remain the company of choice for the consumers in America and post articles on social media to educate consumers about the automotive Industry.


9. DAG ambitious standard of recruiting training and retaining our (reps) representative as we do with our management and administrative staff. Leading (reps) representatives need support and resources.


10. Train negotiators focus its interest on saving the consumer time and money with no hassling or haggling. Just a fund transaction. Allowing the consumer to save big on their next new or used car purchase.

11. DAG allows the consumer to own the car-buying process. (Be in control)



When buying a house: Contact a Realtor

When having legal problems: Contact a Lawyer

When having medical problems: Contact a Doctor

When buying a car: Contact DAG AB Phone: (844) 509-4752  

Email: External link opens in new tab or windowdag@dautogroup.